Auto City Services

Collision Repairs

  • Auto City Collision Repair invests heavily in the latest equipment and our technician’s ongoing I-Car certifications remain current with ever evolving technologies, which ensures proper repairs and gives us the ability to be able to guarantee all repairs for as long as you own your vehicle. We repair all makes and models, including high-end European models.

Auto Body Repairs

  • Auto City’s ability to repair auto body damage is second to none. With our master certified staff and state of the art equipment and tools, we’re prepared to repair almost any damage done to almost all makes and models of vehicle, including high end European models.

Mechanical Repairs

  • Auto City employs a talented and well respected ASE Advanced Level Certified Master Mechanic. Leo Briand has been with us for 22 years and is also a Certified Electronic technician specializing in steering and suspension. Trust Leo for your brakes, rotors, alignments and State Inspections, mechanical repairs or preventative maintenance.

Mechanical Diagnosis

  • Our master certified mechanic is a veteran of his field and is more than qualified to assess and diagnose your vehicle. Assisted by the rest of our professional staff and our state of the art equipment, we can determine the problem with your vehicle quickly and professionally, which allows us to get repairs started and get you back in your vehicle in no time at all.

State Inspections

  • All New Hampshire registered vehicles are require a safety and emissions inspection be conducted within ten (10) days of a new registration and annually redone the month of your birth. Should your vehicle be in for auto body or collision repairs during your renewal and inspection month, it can be done here at the same time.

Tire Balancing

  • Tire Balancing is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance also covered by Auto City. Tire Balancing helps reduce wear on your vehicle, as well as further wear on the tires themselves, by ensuring they’re all equally pressured and worn. Unbalanced tires can cause your vehicle to be off balance and less fuel-efficient.

24-Hour Towing

  • Auto City’s 24 hour towing is our own fast, professional and courtesy service. Since 1994, we have been one of Southern New Hampshire’s leading providers of 24-hour auto towing, roadside assistance, and recovery services. We primarily service Manchester, Bedford, Londonderry, Auburn, Hooksett, Goffstown and Dunbarton but also travel outside these areas as needed basis.

Replacement Vehicles

  • Auto City has a collection of rental vehicles designed to help you get from place to place even while we work on your car. We charge only what is allowed by the insurance carrier, or if rentals aren’t covered by your insurance, our rentals are as little as $20 a day.

Dash Lights Service

  • Auto City can quickly and easily replace the lights in your vehicle dashboard, helping keep you safe by keeping all the your Dashboard warning lights fully functional so you’ll know when you need to come back!

Brake Service

  • Brakes wear as part of their natural use, and can often be forgotten about until it’s too late! Auto City handles replacing and maintaining brakes for all makes and models of vehicle to keep you stopping smoothly and safely on vehicles of all models and sizes.

Wheel Alignments

  • Your vehicle’s wheels can become misaligned over time just by general use, but they can be especially misaligned by hitting large potholes or even getting into small fender benders. Auto City’s mechanical specialists can re-align your wheels in no time at all.

Electronic Steering Alignment and Calibrating

  • Modern vehicles using electronic systems to help with their steering and alignment. These allow modern vehicles to tackle various terrains and road conditions more easily. Because Auto City has spent time and money investing in state of the art equipment and up to date training for its technicians and mechanics, we can service and calibrate modern vehicles just as well as any other year of vehicle.

Suspension Service

  • Your suspension plays an important role in keeping your car running well, preventing unnecessary damage from large bumps, as well as simply making the ride much more comfortable. Auto City can provide suspension services to all makes and models of vehicle.